Burning the Pearl City | Brand launch conference of Anar Jianghuai Yard kicked off


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On October 27th, a grand event to improve the habitat of the pearl city was held at Longzi Lake Hotel. The event is a collection of the art appreciation, cultural exchanges and best interprets the press release of Jianghuai Yard, another masterpiece of the Anar Group.


Anar debuts and crats yards in the pearl city

Amazing at the first sight. Anar Jianghuai Yards debut in the pearl city with the determination to make a great leap forward with the city Bengbu. Due to its forward-looking vision, the Anar Group chose the gifted land in the southern Bengbu which further proves its accurate insight.


With good order and high atmosphere, the press conference saw many enthusiastic presenters from the famous star, the popular media, the real estate elites, to the citizens who concerned about the improvement of the habitat in the pearl city. They expressed their expectation for the estate product of Jianghuai Yard released by the Anar Group and the brand new concept with it.

Co-prosperous with Anar and the trend is to develop southwards

Anar coexists with the times and shares prosperity with the city. At the press conference, the person in charge of the Anar Jianghuai Courtyard project will tell the story about the ten years of glory journey of the Anar Group so that the people of the Pearl city can witness the ingenuity of the Anar Group and its powerful brand power around the country.

Anar group walks along with the city and stay together with the city. Anar is devoted itself for a boutique residence of Jianghuai Courtyard, and it also manages to increase ingenuity to the Pearl city with the aim to inherit the millennium culture.

Offering the best house for the art of the Pearl city

What kind of spark will be collided when the fate of the city blends with the wonderful ambiguity? Throughout the conference, the culture of the city was respected with an unprecedented way to integrate the fusion of Beijing flavor rhyme and interpret the determination of Anar to develop in the Pearl city from Beijing – to pass on the master piece and open a new era of future human habitation for the Pearl city.


It’s a date with the famous brand and the real fashion, and it’s the interpretation of the culture, spirit and brand. Anar Jianghuai Courtyard is the perfect combination of the classical and modern art through the different styles of dance and performance to show an art feast about the life aesthetics.

The unique program presents a visual feast for the guests. The light show and dreamy dance by the science and technology let us witness the character of the project. And the wonderful performances and interactive programs push the scene to one after another.

Official He interprets the Jianghuai Courtyard

The famous actor and collector, Mr. Wang Gang, whose nick name was Official He , presented the press conference to interpret the traditional collection, courtyard culture to the guests. From the brick to the tile, Official He helped the guests to understand the wisdom of the courtyard and vividly showed the beauty of the modern Chinese architecture.



Gift to the Pearl city from the National Craftsmen

Meet, know each other, and follow each other, all the way. In addition to the good mood, there is also a well-prepared gift, which is not only the friendship between the Anar Jianghuai Courtyard and the Pearl city, but also the sincere respect for the customers.


From Beijing to the Pearl city, Anar·Jianghuai Courtyard shoulders the mission to blend the north and the south culture, combine the classical and modern art, and convey the concept of life in the future. Pay tribute to the dream of human habitation in the name of the city.

Master piece with high quality in memory of the initial heart

The Anar Jianghuai Courtyard inherits the essence and charm of traditional Chinese architecture with the unique ingenuity of the famous craftsmen from Beijing and all over the country, aiming to revive the Millennium House and reappear the beauty of the Eastern courtyard.

Located at the golden site of the Bengbu city, Jianghuai Courtyard is at the intersection of Yan’an Road and Huangshan Avenue. Facing the new site of Bengbu No. 2 High School, the key provincial school with 100 years history, the Jianghuai Courtyard is close to Bengbu First Experimental Primary School. In such a good academic environment, it is convenient for the estate owners to be acquainted with the famous teacher and ideal friends. The Jianghuai Courtyard inherits the style of the scholars with the aim to revive the Millennium House.

The Chinese courtyard aims to let life return to the Chinese style. Inheriting the millennium culture of the pearl city, the Anar Jianghuai Courtyard is in line with the contemporary people's living layout. With the spatial pattern of One belt, Two parks, and Three alleys, the tastes of life is combined in the leisurely courtyard.


Anar Group won the award of Top 100 Chinese Real Estate in 2018 and Top 10 Regional Operations in 2018. It has more than 50 projects across the country and many phenomena-level projects have been created. The group projects has covered more than 50 cities and has settled for the first time in Bengbu where it reproduces the national style of the millennium. It is a national artisan to pay tribute to the Pearl city. With the horn of the brand launch, the Anar Jianghuai Courtyard officially set sail!